PVR-01™ (Piston Filler)

A tabletop semi-automatic filler with intermittent control designed to dispense semi-viscous and viscous products with or without small particles. Equipped with a single piston pump, a rotary check valve system and an integrated product hopper, its simplicity and versatility make the PVR-01™ the ideal start-up machine for viscous filling applications.

  • Semi-Viscous Products
  • Viscous Products with or without Particles
  • 30 ml to 1000 ml (1 oz. to 34 oz.)

Features & Benefits:

Using the turn-handle volume adjustment, the PVR-01™ can be setup in minutes to provide either automatic cycling or semi-automatic filling using the foot control. Fill volumes from 30 ml to 1,000 ml (1 oz. to 33 oz.) are possible with accuracies of ±0.5%.

PVR-01™ is available with interchangeable nozzles and can be quickly disassembled for rapid cleaning and set up for use with a wide range of products. Also available: a heated hopper, a product mixer and elevated stainless steel table.

* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** BPM = Bottles Per Minute.